Adult Mentoring

REDI: 403-526-5742

Safest not
to drink alcohol
during pregnancy

Mentoring/Coach Advocacy for Individuals and Families

SEAFAN  prioritizes the enhancement of supports that strengthen protective factors and enable individuals and families affected by FASD to reach their potential in the community.

REDI Enterprises Society
860 Allowance Ave. SE
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Providing Services to the Entire Region

The Adult Mentoring program is based in Medicine Hat but provides service to the entire region. To support this priority the Network enhances the capacity and scope of the existing mentoring/coaching services at REDI by expanding both geographically and across the lifespan. 

Preparing for Adulthood

An enhancement to an existing service, this program serves to assist individuals as they mature into adulthood. The primary goal is to remain involved during this transition until a satisfactory support network is in place.