FASD Adult Transition Program

McMan: 403-527-1588

Safest not
to drink alcohol
during pregnancy

FASD Transition Program

The young adults who are turning 18 years of age will no longer qualify for the Youth Mentor Program. The McMan FASD Transition Program will therefore, provide supports and services for young adults while they wait for availability in an adult program or gain skills towards increased independence and community supports. 

McMan Community Services
#4, 941 South Railway St. SE.
Medicine Hat, Alberta

The FASD Transition program provides the following:

•Crisis intervention and counseling
•Support with accessing services and transitioning to appropriate adult services
•Employability skills and supported employment opportunities
•Ensuring basic needs are met (housing, clothing, food)
•Living skills-decision making, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, financial management, completing
service applications
•Building natural and community supports
•Staff training and resources
•Clinical Consultation