FASD Youth Mentor

McMan: 403-527-1588

Safest not
to drink alcohol
during pregnancy

FASD Youth Mentor

Youth who are either diagnosed or suspected of having FASD are in great need of a FASD Youth Mentor. The Youth Mentor service provides the following:

• Crisis intervention and counseling
• Ensuring basic needs are met (housing, clothing, food)
• Skill building youth work - decision making, budgeting, living skills (cooking, cleaning, paying
bills, etc.)
• Connecting to relevant support services
• Parent/teen mediation
• Advocacy
• Follow-up

McMan Community Services
#4, 941 South Railway St. SE.
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Youth Programs

As McMan currently provides community and youth programs and operates the Inn Between Youth Shelter, this program enhances already existing youth programs by capturing the FASD youth community.

In addition, McMan further operates The Launch Pad - temporary transition home, for older youth that need temporary accommodations and life skills support. These two accommodations can provide support to the FASD youth that require temporary accommodations.