Caregiver Programs
SEAFAN  prioritizes the enhancement of supports that strengthen protective factors and enable individuals and families affected by FASD to reach their potential in the community.

One-to-One Support

Our FASD support workers provide one-to-one assistance to individuals
in South East Alberta.

Support Meetings

Caregiver Support Meetings provide a
safe environment for open and supportive discussion.


Attend our annual workshops to gain a better understanding of FASD and to connect with others in a common space.

Caregiver Support

The supports that we offer caregivers include one-on-one mentoring, training opportunities, and support groups. The support groups is caregiver driven and are directed toward topics the caregivers have interest in. We educate, provide tools and strategies, and provide information about community resources. Through these supports, caregivers are able to better support individuals with FASD and help them reach their potential. We also provide supports in regards to the caregivers’ own well-being and refer them to community resources as needed.  Caregiver group is held every two months at this time and may be increased if requested.

If people are interested in caregiver supports and/or attending group sessions call REDI  at (403) 526-5742 to inquire.

860 Allowance Ave SE
Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 7S6
(403) 526-5742