Pregnancy Support
SEAFAN  prioritizes the enhancement of supports that strengthen protective factors and enable individuals and families affected by FASD to reach their potential in the community.

Parent Child Assistance Program

The PCAP (Parent Child Assistance Program) Model used successfully in other Alberta communities has been implemented in this Network.

The program has the ability to support women who:

•Are pregnant or up to 12 months postnatal;
•Are experiencing issues with alcohol and/or drug use;
•Lack connections to community supports and resources.

This program is not age dependent and is designed for a mother to be supported for up to 3 years after giving birth. This provides support into the home where there may also be other children affected by FASD.

Services Provided

The services this program provides include the following:

•Enhanced social support networks
•Increased awareness of healthy child development
•Skill building and life skills including self-help skills
•Development of healthy coping strategies
•Linking parents and individuals to appropriate community resources

Service Outcomes

These program enhancements will:

•Ensure that individuals and families accessing targeted prevention services receive supported
•Ensure supporting referrals are individualized and may include a follow-up process to
encourage client engagement.
•Include services of a mentorship and outreach component.

Bridges Family Programs Association of Southeastern Alberta
477 3St. SE,
Medicine Hat, Alberta

The SPEC Association for Children and Families
Community Cultural Centre
#101, 327 3rd Street West
Brooks, AB T1R 0E7