Request For Proposals

The South East Network is seeking applicants from agencies for grant funding in the contracted amount of $62,518.63 to deliver a Regional FASD Support Program throughout the catchment area of the South East Alberta FASD Network.

  • This RFP is for an outreach worker that will support individuals with FASD to navigate the systems that will provide long term support.
  • This RFP is intended to potentially work with an existing FASD program to enhance supports and to provide system navigation.
  • This RFP is for supporting programs that are working with individuals that have suspected FASD to navigate the system from diagnosis to application of supports.
  • The focus of this program will be to help navigate individuals, provide supports or help build connections with FASD individuals across the lifespan with the focus being on teens as they transition to adulthood, and adults that may not have other supports.
  • As the region is vast, it is reasonable that at times, online or virtual supports may be necessary.

SEAFAN prioritizes the enhancement of supports that strengthen protective factors and enable individuals and families affected by FASD to reach their potential in the community. The Network service is in place to enhance services already offered in these areas that focus on preparing individuals for adulthood and throughout adulthood.

This program will provide service to the entire region. To support this priority, the Network will support the capacity and scope of the existing support services that will be maintained both geographically and across the lifespan. Enhancing this program will rely on community capacity building, collaboration, individualized supports and intervention plans and outreach that are indicative of emerging best practices.

Supporting the transition to adulthood and throughout adulthood to remain involved until such time that a satisfactory family and natural support network is in place for the individuals would be a primary goal.

Enhance outreach workers and support staff to increase capacity and to maintain best practice.

  • Developing and outreach position that would not carry and intensive caseload but could rather navigate systems and documents for clients and refer to existing services would be the recommended direction of this network. However, other proven successful models of practice will also be considered.

Target commencement date of this program will be as soon as a suitable candidate is found and will end March 31, 2024, with a chance of renewal for the next fiscal year.

If interested, please view full RFP below.